This is a huge relief to ensure my puppy the best quality of life. Gallant stem cell collection is a direct line to incredible scientific progress and results if needed, and one less worry for me and my husband.

Margo Schwab, Bula’s owner


Yorky Mix

Banking Obi's stem cells with Gallant was so easy, Gallant and our Vet handled everything. We are so grateful to have the healing power of Obi's younger stem cells ready when he needs it.

Emilie Bisson, Obi’s owner


French Bulldog

With my last French Bulldog having had horrible arthritis, this was such an easy choice. The treatment costs are so much lower than what I was needing to spend in the past.



What's great about Gallant you can sign up in advance and plan ahead. I now know that Millie's stem cells will be stored at the time of her Spay which is happening this month. Gallant makes it so easy to do and there is no reason not to do it.

Kaite McCasey, Millie's owner


French Bulldog

Bruiser is my baby and why wouldn't I do everything possible for him. Thanks to Gallant and our Vet at Otay Pet Vets, we are prepared with his banked stem cells for possible treatments in the future.


Standard Goldendoodle

The Gallant process was super easy! It took place during Wrigley's neuter and my vet and Gallant took care of everything. His cells are now banked for life and available for the future.

Eva Satnick, Wrigley's owner


French Bulldog

This was a great oppertunity with knowing Frenchies have so treatment needs. It feels great to have a plan and know her stem cells can help her throughout her life.

Ashlee Riquetti, Riley's owner